Graphic design

I create print and web design. But my last job was in a Web Agency, so web design became my speciality ! I am working with Adobe Creative Suite and have a strong attention to detail.


A big part of my last job was to code in HTML / CSS, to do websites on Wordpress (mostly), sometimes on Drupal. I have some Php knowledge, a basic level which give me just more independence on the CMS.

Responsive design

Responsive design is now unavoidable in the web world, so I created responsive version of my templates. I also "translated" the design into HTML/CSS for websites and landing pages.


A lot of clients asked for a newsletter to promote their new website. So I had to create newsletter and to code in HTML / CSS with the rules imposed by the webmail.


I have a Professional Master Degree in Information and Communication Technology and did different trainings as a communication assistant. It's really good to have an overview.


I know it's not a surprise for a web designer but I really enjoy take pictures every day, with a reflex, or even with my Iphone to post on Instagram. There are always something which catch my eye.

Art / Culture

Art for me can be everywhere, in a photograph, a building, a movie, a book, a song, a painting, a design, a meal. I try to keep my eyes open to observe the world around me and to nourish my own creativity.

Living life

For me, life is a permanent discovery ; I am inquisitive and always happy to learn from others. I love travelling to foreign countries, meeting different people and sharing special moments with them.


Sport makes me feel good. I like outdoor sports, such as sailing, kayaking and hiking. I do yoga too, because it’s relaxing and provides peace of mind


I am really a foodie ! I love cooking, not following the recepies, trying new ideas, and playing with the tastes and colors. I trully think that design and food are connected.