Branding & web design

As part of different team over the years, I grow my skills through many projects. On some I had to take the artistic direction of the entire project on others I had to be able to animate meeting.


From the Identification of users needs to the creation of wireframe and mockup using mobile first concept (sketch and Invision). My web integrator skills also helps me to get a better user interface.


I know it's not a surprise for a web designer but I really enjoy take pictures every day, with a reflex, or even with my Iphone to post on Instagram. There are always something which catch my eye.

Living life

For me, life is a permanent discovery ; I am inquisitive and always happy to learn from others. I love travelling to foreign countries, meeting different people and sharing special moments with them.

Health & Well being

I like outdoor sports, such as kayaking and hiking. I do yoga too, because it’s relaxing and provides peace of mind. I have great interest in animals and nature.


I am really a foodie ! I love cooking, not following the recepies, trying new ideas, and playing with the tastes and colors. I trully think that design and food are connected.